Thriller Dance Practice Schedule

Thrill The World 2013 Practice Schedule

Saturdays at One Mile Park (south of pool in the shade) 

& Weeknight evening practice TBA

Practices are one hour long and led by different dance instructors.  At each practice you can buy cds ($3) and get fliers to pass out to your friends.  All dancers are welcome to each practice, but the descriptions below may help you choose which ones to attend.  

Saturday practices at One Mile 1pm:  Led by me, Cathy Tuttle.  This  is a great one for families and kids.  It is outside, so prepare for the weather, may be pretty hot.  We dance on the cement and grass and this can bother some people’s knees, so we don’t go all out.

Saturday 9/14 – One Mile Pool at 1:00pm

Saturday 9/21 – One Mile Pool at 1:00pm

Saturday 9/28 – One Mile Pool at 1:00pm

Saturday 10/5 – One Mile Pool at 1:00pm

Saturday 10/12 – One Mile Pool at 1:00pm

Saturday 10/19 – One Mile Pool at 1:00pm

Friday 10/25 – LAST PRACTICE at One Mile Pool at 5pm

Saturday 10/26 – Thrill The World at Downtown Plaza at 2pm



6 responses

26 08 2010
Tawny Cleveland

Loved seeing the “spontaneous” dance on the CSUC campus on Mon for first day of classes and would love to be part of a big dance like that, my friend sent my your site. I saw you practicing in the park last year and then you on youtube and love your dance but I would love to be part of a group dance that is celebrating life.

Do you do other group dances than the Thrill the world that I might participate in?
Tawny Cleveland

27 08 2010

Thanks for watching our event last year and cheering us on. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any other local group dances of this size. I know there are a lot of flashmob dance opportunities in LA. I will let you know if I hear of anything.

5 10 2011
Janelle Weil

I was just wondering if it’s too late to sign up? I’ve done the similar dance before and am a fast learner. I had been waiting to hear something about this event, but it didnt seem to be as publicized this year.

2 09 2012
Erin D.

I am planning on teaching Thriller in my Zumba classes. I will let people know about this site and that there are practices!

15 10 2013

Is there practice this Thursday 10/17 at Chico High? Or is there anyone that would be interested in coming to our office to teach our staff?

16 10 2013

We would LOVE for your office to participate. We have practices at Chico Junior’s cafeteria at 7pm on Thursdays and on Saturdays at 1pm at One Mile Pool. I’ll send you an info email too.

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