Official TTW 2011 Video is in…`

11 11 2011

Big thanks to Michael Peck and Victoria Soto, from PV House of Blue video production, for putting together an awesome video of our event!  Even though the nighttime shooting was working against them, they produced a rad video!  Please hit them up with a positive rating on youtube.


MORE Thrill The World Photos…

4 11 2011

Thank you everyone for sending in your

best zombie photos to share!

Here are some photos from our official photographer, Ashton Boni, below, which he has been kind enough to share with us all.

Here is a slideshow he made for us:

Below are some photos from dancers and fans.  You can also find all our photos on our TTW Photo link (to the right).


30 10 2011

We did it!  What an amazing night.

Thank you ALL for participating and making this the best Thrill The World yet!  We don’t have our final numbers yet, but I thought I’d share some photos from tonight.  Please email me your photos/videos and I will share them the with group.

More photos and videos are on their way!


The day is here…

29 10 2011

            Are you ready Chico?  We are ready to 

   Thrill The World!

   Saturday, 10/29/11


4:30- 6:30 – Dancer Registration, Make Up and Zombie Social Time

6:30 – 6:50 – Dancers Meeting at Main Plaza – Group Photos, Announcements, Warm Up, & dancer placements

6:55 – Dancers zombie walk to their assigned places

7:00 – THRILL TIME! We dance with thousands around the world!

7:10 – Kids/Teens only for 3 minute version

7:20 – We Thrill again! All dancers change spots – front to back sort of thing

7:30 – We all help clean up! Thanks so much!

One Week Left of Practices…

25 10 2011

We are on our final countdown til Thrill Day!

Downtown Plaza on Saturday, 10/29, at 6:30pm

Try and hit up as many practices as you can.

Wednesday at 4pm at Chico Junior High School Gymnasium

Thursday at 6pm at One Mile Pool (not at Cafe Culture)

Friday at 5pm at One Mile Pool (LAST PRACTICE)

Online Pre-Registration will be available soon!

Thrill The World Tee Shirts…

3 10 2011

Interested in a Thrill The World tee shirt?  

We have some leftover from last year in a variety of sizes, printed on black American Apparel tees.  Let me know what size you want and we can arrange a time for you to pick it up.

Get yours for the discounted price of 10 bucks!

New Monday Practices Added…

24 09 2011

Thrill The World 2011  *Updated*  Practice Schedule

Saturdays at One Mile Park (south of the pool in the shade), 

Mondays & Wednesdays at Chico Junior High Cafeteria,

Practices are one hour long.

This year there will be a few different TTW dance teachers leading the practices.   At each practice you can buy cds and get fliers to pass out to your friends.  All dancers are welcome to each practice, but the descriptions below may help you choose which ones to attend.  
Saturday practices at One Mile 1pm:  Led by me, Cathy Tuttle.  This  is a great one for families and kids.  It is outside, so prepare for the weather, may be pretty hot.  We dance on the cement and grass and this can bother some people’s knees, so we don’t go all out.  We will also have Jeff/Jenn leading a side group some weeks for the more advanced dancers.
Thursday practices at Cafe Culture 6:00pm:  Led by Alexi and Eric. This is a good one for teens and adults.  It is held in a dance room with mirrors and has a pretty loud sound system.  Be ready to dance close to others b/c this class gets crowded.
Sunday practices at Cafe Culture 1:30pm:  Led by Barbara and Marty.  This practice is usually a smaller group and perfect for dancers who need a little extra help or want to work on perfecting their zombie flair.  The class will be held in the front room, not the back dance room with mirrors.
Mondays & Wednesdays at Chico Junior High Cafeteria 4-5pm:  Led by Sandy, Rhonda and Victoria.  This one is great for families and kids b/c of the time and may also have CJHS after-school students involved.

Practice Schedule:

Thursday 9/15 – Cafe Culture at 7:00pm

Saturday 9/17 – One Mile Pool at 1:00pm

Wednesday 9/21 – CJHS Cafeteria at 4pm

Thursday 9/22 – Cafe Culture at 6:00pm

Saturday 9/24 – One Mile Pool at 1:00pm

Monday 9/26 – CJHS Cafeteria at 4pm

Wednesday 9/28 – CJHS Cafeteria at 4pm

Thursday 9/29 – Cafe Culture at 6:00pm

Saturday 10/1 – One Mile Pool at 1:00pm

Sunday 10/2 – Cafe Culture at 1:30pm

Monday 10/3 – CJHS Cafeteria at 4pm

Wednesday 10/5 – CJHS Cafeteria at 4pm

Thursday 10/6 – Cafe Culture at 6:00pm

Saturday 10/8 – One Mile Pool at 1:00pm

Sunday 10/9 – Cafe Culture at 1:30pm

Monday 10/10 – CJHS Cafeteria at 4pm

Wednesday 10/12 – CJHS Cafeteria at 4pm

Thursday 10/13 – Cafe Culture at 6:00pm

Saturday 10/15 – One Mile Pool at 1:00pm

Sunday 10/16 – Cafe Culture at 1:30pm

Monday10/17 – CJHS Cafeteria at 4pm

Wednesday 10/19 – CJHS Cafeteria at 4pm

Thursday 10/20 – Cafe Culture at 6:00pm

Saturday 10/22 – One Mile Pool at 1:00pm

Sunday 10/23 – Cafe Culture at 1:30pm

Monday 10/24 – CJHS Cafeteria at 4pm

Wednesday 10/26 – CJHS Cafeteria at 4pm

Thursday 10/27 – One Mile  at 6:00pm (not at Cafe Culture)

Friday 10/28 – LAST PRACTICE at One Mile Pool at 5pm

Saturday 10/29 – THRILL THE WORLD at the Downtown Plaza 4:30-7:30pm