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3 09 2010
Rachael McKenney


I am very interested in participating in the second event in October. I am a nurse and work strange hours. Do I need to attend all of the practices? May attend a few and then practice from the video at home?

I actually remember watching the world premier of the video on MTV with my entire family back in the early eighties.

7 09 2010

Hi Rachael! Check your email for more info. Looking forward to meeting you at practice!

10 09 2010
Lechia L Dickinson

I have the same question, do I have to go to all of the practices to participate????

10 09 2010

Hi Lechia!

I will add you to the email list as well. As for practices, it depends how quickly you learn. I usually suggest trying to make at least 3 practices and then practice at home with the online tutorials. See ya at practice!

11 09 2010
Misty Leppard

I can’t wait to get my thrill on. My daughter and I would love to come.

11 09 2010

Great Misty! I will add you to our email list.

13 09 2010

I would like to be added to your email list. I am very interested!

28 09 2010
nicole lucente

I am interested in participating and I am a local dance teacher so I would like to invite my dancers to participate as well, but I may need to learn it to go teach it to them. Are you available other times to help teach it to me in case I can’t make your practice times? Would love to be added to your email list. Thanks so much! 🙂

30 09 2010

I am very interested in joining in doing this, but I live in Magalia without transportation. I was wondering if there is anyone living near me who would be willing to help me out.

1 10 2010

Unfortunately I do not know anyone who travels from Magalia down to Chico for practices. But you can learn online, check out the video links from our site and let me know if you are interesting in getting our Thrill The World emails.

13 10 2010

I am interested. 🙂

5 10 2010
Maggie Buckley

I am very interested in participating. It sounds like so much fun. I’d also love to be on the email list. Is there a cost to join in the fun? Is it ok to just show up at the practices?

6 10 2010
Jillian Damon

Can you please add me to the email list as well. We are going to cme to practice this Sat but need a website that has the dance t practice from at home.

6 10 2010
Jillian Damon

My sons and I want to participate. We are going to come to practice Saturday. Can you direct us to a practice tutorial online?

7 10 2010

Great! Looking forward to meeting you at practice.

7 10 2010

Hi Cathy! I am a teacher at a charter school and my elective offering this trimester was learning the Thriller. 42 students signed up. We have been meeting for practice in our zombie lair three days a week since school started. The students are1st through 6th grades, and I taught them the Thrill the World version. They are fabulous! So adorable! We made costumes, have our makeup ready, and we are making our own video this week. If there is interest with the parents and students, can we join your group?? If so, what do we need to do to sign up?


7 10 2010

Awesome! We would love for you to join us. I will email you all the info!

9 10 2010
Rachel L.

Is it too late to participate? I can come to saturday and sunday practices but not thursday as I work nights. I’m pretty confident I could pick up the choreography quickly.

9 10 2010

Come on by! I will add you to the email list.

16 10 2010

My daughter Alyssa danced with you guys last year and loved it!We will get her out to practice this weekend.Hope we can find you guys!Can you add us to the email list.Thanks

20 10 2010
Connie Asquith

I registered online, but would like to have someone put on my face makeup. When should I be at the plaza? Thanks!

21 10 2010

I’d get there by 1ish. Get registered and then get in line for your make up. We need to be ready to meet at 3:15.

21 10 2010

But if you pre-registered, 1:45 would work too. I just worry about lines. +

23 10 2010
tamera denise lee

hi cathy i am sorry i did not make the rehersal. i will be there me and my finance we will be there tommorrow . if its not raing. signed tamera denise lee.

9 08 2012
Daneva Marshall

I need to be added to the email list for this year..also interested in t shirts from last year if you still have them. Please email me at or on FB. Thank you.

10 08 2012

Thanks for your inquiry! We will add you to the list and get you more info soon. Practices will start after Labor Day. There are probably not any t-shirts left, but if we order more or find an extra, we will let you know. Cheers!

13 09 2012
Jennifer Bates

Please add me to the email list for Thrill The World 2012! Thanks

22 09 2012

Me too. I wanna going

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