Practice Schedule Updated…

14 09 2012




Practice season is here….


First practice this Saturday at One Mile Park at 1pm.  Come join!

Please check out updated practice schedule page,

we will not be having afternoon practices at Chico Junior this year.

We are still trying to secure a practice space for a weekday night practice,

we’ll keep ya posted.




One response

21 09 2012

We would love for you all to be a part of this. Please contact me at
530-321-6148. We are inviting Thriller groups across California to be apart of this event and really hoping it goes viral! Adrienne

Resist GMOs!
Genetically MONSTROUS Organisms
October 29th at 6:30pm at Downtown Plaza
Yes on Prop 37

The scariest of creatures are secretly escaping from corporate laboratories around the country in search of unaware shoppers! It is up to US to warn our friends and neighbors. It is imperative we tell them to:

Beware of Genetically MONSTROUS Organisms!

Under the October full moon, monsters will occupy Chico Downtown Plaza as a foreshadowing of our future with GMOs. Fish-Tomatoes, Strawberry-Halibut, Goat-Spiders, Bt-Corn and more will converge on Monday, October 29th at 6:30pm in order educate our fellow authentic organisms.

Wear your scariest GMO costume to warn voters of the impending doom, to make sure they VOTE YES on Prop 37! A Monster March around downtown will alert friends of the coming dangers. All Genetically MONSTROUS Organisms are invited to walk the catwalk at 8pm, and prizes will be awarded for the scariest and most authentic GMO costumes. (Come and support Prop 37 even if you don’t have a costume.)

Together we can stop the science fiction future of Monsanto and our food source. We must prevent GMOs from becoming a scary reality!

Yes on 37! Label GMOs!
It’s is our Right to Know!

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