Are You Ready To Thrill?!

13 08 2012

It is almost Thrill The World season again!  Get ready “Roar turn, roar turn” and “Booty bounce” all over again.  This year’s event will be on Saturday, October 27th at high noon.  There will be a slight change this year – we will be registering and getting our zombie make-up done at The Hands, by the City Municipal Building, from 10-11:30am and zombie walking over to the City Plaza to dance at 12pm.  It will add a new, exciting element by zombie walking as a group over to the City Plaza.

Practices for Thrill The World will begin the week after the Labor Day holiday, on Saturday 9/8/12.  We will continue to have Saturday practices at One Mile Pool and two mid-week practices at Chico Junior High School.  We are still looking for another location for an evening practice space, since Cafe Culture is no longer available.  Please let me know if you have access to a rehearsal space, with mirrors, that can donate their space to us one or two days a week.

We will continue to use our community dance event as a way to raise money and awareness for Arts For All, a non-profit arts booster club that provides more enriching art experiences to local schools.  For more information on this group, please read about them here:

If you are new to Thrill The World, please read the About Thrill The World section learn more:

Mark your calendars and tell your family and friends, let’s make this Thrill The World one to remember!




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