The day is here…

29 10 2011

            Are you ready Chico?  We are ready to 

   Thrill The World!

   Saturday, 10/29/11


4:30- 6:30 – Dancer Registration, Make Up and Zombie Social Time

6:30 – 6:50 – Dancers Meeting at Main Plaza – Group Photos, Announcements, Warm Up, & dancer placements

6:55 – Dancers zombie walk to their assigned places

7:00 – THRILL TIME! We dance with thousands around the world!

7:10 – Kids/Teens only for 3 minute version

7:20 – We Thrill again! All dancers change spots – front to back sort of thing

7:30 – We all help clean up! Thanks so much!



One response

30 10 2011
julie burleigh

You guyscre truely amazing. Am waiting patiently for vidieo since my 2 of my grandchildren and my daughter in law were in attendance as dancers! We live out of town, and were unable to attend.

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