27 03 2010

It is official!  We will be having another Thrill The World in our beautiful Downtown City Plaza this year.  It will be on Saturday, October 23rd at 4:00pm.  We will begin practicing at One Mile Park again in September, more details to come later.

We will also be apart of The Chico Palio on Saturday, September 25, 2010 at the Downtown City Plaza.  We will have a Thrill The World booth where we will recruit more dancing zombies, give zombie make up to the kids and get a chance to perform on the stage at 3:00pm.

Last year’s event was a HUGE success and we are looking forward to another great time Thrilling Chico.  We had over 275 dancers of all ages and abilities and we have room for more zombies this year.

If you would like to be apart of the Thrill The World Chico team, please contact me at  We are looking for volunteers to lead dance practices and help with promotions, set up, registration, make up, etc.

“‘Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night”!



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29 03 2010

Go Chico! LA is going for the world record of 150,000 zombies. Boy, do we have a lot to do. 🙂

29 03 2010

Thanks! Wow, you are going for 150,000 dancers? I thought it was 15,000. LA did such a great job last year, I bet you will reach your goal.

17 08 2010

I’m looking forward to participating this year! Would love to help in any way I can. Waiting for the instructional DVD so I can teach a few people up here in Paradise that want to participate. Maybe we can do one up here next year.

19 08 2010

Awesome Vicki! I would love to get your help and to have you teach some of your peeps in Paradise. Hopefully the video will come soon and in the meantime you can learn the dance from the videos on TTW’s main site: . We also have the videos linked this side on the right of the main page. I added your email to our mailing list so you will get updates soon.

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