We THRILLED Chico Downtown Plaza!!!

15 11 2009

We had an AMAZING turn out for Chico’s first time participating in Thrill The World.  We had over 250 registered dancers and at least a couple hundred zombie fans there to support us.  Plus, we danced with over 23,000 zombies worldwide!

Please check out  our many videos captured of the event on youtube.  Just enter in “Thrill the World Chico” in the search option.

This one edited by PV High School is my personal favorite.


Here is a link to my public Picasa account with a bunch of photos from our  Chico Palio performance, the Feather Falls performance and of our Thrill The World event.  Thank you so much to our volunteer photographers  and dancers who shared pictures.

Chico Zombies!


Thank you so much to all the participants, Friends of the Arts, Artoberfest,  volunteers and fans!  You are what made it such a special and successful event.

Please check back here next year for information on how to be apart of Thrill The World Chico 2010!



One response

29 10 2010
Kathy Cagle

I want to Thank You so very much for putting this event together. I had a lot of fun with the practices and meeting new people and sharing this time with my granddaughter that I hope we will be doing this again. I am very happy too for you Cathy. I have no idea how much time and effort this has taken you and so many others that helped with this, but thank you again. To everyone.

Here’s to Thrill the World
Kathy Cagle

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